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Heavy Haul

Ken Adams Trucking continues to expand our diverse portfolio of service with our specialty operations to meet your unique needs. We recognize that our customers have specific needs that are not necessarily compatible with the standard flatbed products. In an effort to keep up with our customers ever changing unique needs, Ken Adams Heavy Haul Division offers one of the most diverse selections of trailer configurations in the industry. Our growing fleet of experienced drivers is always ready to give you the excellent performance that Ken Adams customers deserve and expect. The professionals at Ken Adams have been hard at work for nearly 40 years, so if you need professional, experienced service we have it.


The Ken Adams Logistics division relies on our large fleet of contract carriers that supply transportation anywhere throughout the United States, Canada and thru service to Mexico. We take advantage of our relationships with over 2,000 carriers to manage our freight. This carrier base provides us with thousands of power units on a daily basis. As a full service logistics operation, Ken Adams Trucking manages each shipment from pick up to delivery. We dispatch the shipments; coordinate pick up and delivery appointments and monitor en route progress to ensure timely delivery. We also monitor each carrier to ensure they abide by our strict standards of safety, federal/state regulations and insurance requirements. This practice enables us to contract with only the highest quality carriers.


Customer service is our number one priority. In keeping with that mindset Ken Adams Trucking offers long term and short term storage facilities with loading and unloading capabilities. With various locations across the western United States, Ken Adams has the ability to store a variety of materials from steel pipe, plate and coil, to large items such as excavators, crawlers and earthmovers. All of our facilities are gated and secured.